Sales and Marketing In Today’s Changing E-commerce

  • Sales
  • November 16, 2017

By: Michele Thompson 12 e-Strategies. Thriving as an Enterprising Sales Professional in our E-Business World   If you think the Internet and the proliferation of e-Business have changed the rules of selling, you’re right. Talk to today’s professional salespeople, and they’ll affirm that the business world is changing faster than ever before. And with today’s buyers having Internet access at …

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Attracting Money To Finance Growth

By: Michele Thompson It Takes Money. to make money, and it takes a lot of legwork to attract money to finance growth — even in this era of seemingly free-flowing dollars for dot-com start-ups. Here’s how to get your fair share. In 1998 Family Christian Stores Inc. was looking to raise capital to fund future growth and provide liquidity for …

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