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Media Consulting.

With over 20 years of experience, I will ensure you always get the best guidance. Michele Thompson's BMD Media Consulting provides national & regional PR campaigns, political marketing, and integrated online marketing strategies with implementation. Your growth is my growth!

Media Consulting.

Anyone can be a consulting ‘expert.’

However, special efforts are needed to be real. A true media consultant is one who has enough knowledge to deal with unexpected situations. This expertise takes time and only comes with knowledge and experience.

As a media consultant my job, when hired, is to not only obtain positive press coverage; but, also seek to address issues facing the industry such as strengthening operational efficiency, brand strategy, digital media strategies, and business technology.  I draft your press releases to highlight the positive achievements of your business, organization, or individual. Whether in business or politics, I create campaigns to plant the desired image in the minds of consumers or voters.

  • Develop, implement, and manage national and regional PR campaigns
    • Extensive contact with top-tier media in print and online
    • Collaboration with in-house departments
    • Creation of press materials
  • Refine key messages for brands through consultation with clients
    • Development of compelling story ideas around those messages
  • Write and edit media releases and related communications
    • Excellent media relations and targeted media list

Transparency is the most important asset in competitive markets. All companies rely on press coverage to reach consumers in a targeted and meaningful way. An effective PR strategy is essential to create visibility that enhances consumer awareness and leads to measurable business growth.



BMD Media Consulting

secures extensive media mentions, news, and articles that arouse the public’s interest in its customers, and provides targeted written coverage for brands and designers who want to share more than just samples and book images.

Every company has a story, and each story can be better told with the right tools. In today’s fast-paced world, brands are emerging that adapt and advance their story to reach consumers ready for the next big idea.

BMD Media Consulting provides integrated online marketing strategies and manages implementation to clients.  BMD works as your company’s multimedia marketing department.  For a fraction of the cost of hiring internal staff, BMD clients receive the benefit of a full-service marketing firm synchronized with your complete sales and marketing program. We know how to define programs and applications that support your business model and strategy.

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