Seven Ways To Motivate People To Action

Motivate To Action.

One of the things I continue to witness over the years, the best leaders know how to close the deal – they can get people to act. It seems as if the “action” almost always precedes a call to action. How well are you in this critical part of leadership?

Honestly, I have thought this subject far too little in my career. But now that it’s on my radar, I’d like to encourage you to think with me about how to do it well. If we do not improve, our influence on leadership will be significantly reduced.

If you and I have the vision, what can we do to help people overcome the sluggishness that exists naturally when change is needed? Here are seven ideas that can help.

Be Clear – how is the call to action linked to the vision? Help people to see how their actions affect the vision. Be sure that people know that progress is always preceded by change and action.

Be Specific – What exactly do you require people to do? Do not let her guess. If you want someone to do something, you have to tell them. If there are options, spell them out. Help people to recognize their next step.

Be Honest – make sure that people hear that you’re talking about both the benefits and the challenges associated with what you demand of them. If personal sacrifices are required, tell them.

Be an example – did you buy the vision? Are you ready to do the hard work of change in your life? Are you doing what you are selling? Do not ask people to do something that you do not want to do yourself.

Be Passionate – you can not expect people to be more passionate about your cause than passion. Passion is contagious. A passionate call to action generates energy, enthusiasm, and action.

Be Consistent – you will probably need to communicate the vision and desired actions several times in different formats to help people. Ensure your call to action is consistent. Strategic repetition will be your friend in getting people to action.

Be Trustworthy – There is an element of trust that is required whenever an executive invites people to take action. Can your people trust you? If not, you probably have to start here. Without a degree of trust, even the most explicit call to action will not move people.

Think about how often you try to get people to act. I guess you spend a lot of time in this one activity. You may want to use the previous list to do a self-assessment. What would you have to do differently so that YOU follow you?