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Coaching Services.

With over 20 years of experience, I will ensure you always get the best guidance. Sales & executive coaching to help you reach your goals. If you want to go from good to amazing, Michele Thompson is your Business Coach & Brand Strategist go to. Your growth is my growth!

Coaching Services.

One on One Coaching

Is your business in neutral or worse, moving backward?

If we define our goals and remain focused, we can achieve them at the highest level. However, sometimes the details of doing business make us walk in circles and lose sight of our goals.

As business coaches, we offer our customers a new look at the possibilities to reach their goals. Although we do not do the work for you, we can help you broaden your perspective and provide you with our experience in the following areas:

  • strategic planning
  • effective marketing
  • driving sales
  • understand your financial reports
  • find, hire and retain good people
  • build strong operations
  • the work-life balance


Together, we create a strategic and focused plan to build both the business and life you want. We will then help you to overcome this plan and the obstacles you will achieve until you have achieved your goals.

Most high achievers in every profession have a coach or mentor. Why not you? Let us help you find the work-life balance that brings back the positive experiences you have with your business.

Group Coaching

Imagine what would happen if the people around you refused to let you fail.

  • With your support team to test ideas, develop concepts and help you to be your accountability partners
  • Dedicated time during each session, with the entire group helping you to work on your challenges
  • Real feedback from people with the sole purpose of helping you to succeed


These three sentences describe the basis of my group coaching. Each intimate group of entrepreneurs focuses on developing the mindset of success, translating your great ideas into masterful messages, and implementing them over the course of a few months – always with your business and life goals in mind.

Groups usually meet at least once a month, have a small coaching component, are continuously supported, and offer the opportunity to add private coaching sessions at a reduced price. Of course, I also offer a 100% money back guarantee if you can not find the group for you.

Leadership Development

Become an impactful leader and unlock your potential!

In life and business, we each experience changes in needs, expectations, the environment, relationships, careers, economics, business, time and more. The only constant is change.  There is not a single formula that would enable us to effectively manage change, and even less information about how we can not only survive, but prosper throughout change.

Change affects us everywhere, and in everything, we live for. Today, the security we seek from the different aspects of our lives is no longer guaranteed at any level. Whether you want to protect your relationship, the investment you have made in your key staff, your financial situation or your family, you have worked hard to be where you are today, and you want and deserve it all knowing personal and professional efforts are safe.

 To create an effective personal system for thriving in our ever-changing world while at the same time securing everything you have worked for, you must become an impactful leader.

 Initially, I will help you identify where you want to be, and identify and break the bonds that stand in the way of your success.

  •  Evaluate, align, and plan your roadmap
  • Get to know the seven leadership levels
  • Identify strengths and gaps to achieve your ideal goals


The next segment of your program provides the accelerated training needed to master the areas necessary to become an ideal leader.

  • Emotional intelligence
  • Dynamic communication
  • Influencing and involving others
  • solve problems
  • Productivity and decision-making
  • High energy relations
  • Health and wellness


What does the whole ‘work on your business’ really mean? For a business owner or manager, this means that you need to spend time on your daily work schedule to find and implement realistic strategies that turn your ideas from dreams into reality. It also means building on control points where you can respond on a consistent basis: “How do we go about this goal?” Moreover, “What to do if changes are needed to stay on course?”.

I offer high impact workshops that give you the opportunity to work on your business with an experienced coach.

  • Build your business success roadmap
  • Create your strategic plan
  • Building an effective marketing plan
  • Increase your sales
  • Understand your cash flow, balance sheets, and income statement
  • Vision and objective
  • Overcoming Procrastination
  • Master the time management challenge
  • Building a business based on your values
  • Find, hire and retain your best employees

Not only do you have time to work on your business, but you also have the opportunity to brainstorm with other owners, executives, and managers who are committed to building their businesses.


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All Services ( Business Coaching, Performance Coaching, and Financial Coaching) can be offered in several formats:

One on One Coaching


Is your business in neutral or worse, moving backward? If we define our goals and remain focused, we can achieve ...

Group Coaching


Imagine having your support team to test ideas, develop concepts, and help you to be responsible for yourself. Sometime during ...



What does the work for your company mean? For a business owner or manager, it means taking the time to ...

Leadership Development


Become an impactful leader and unlock your fullest potential. In life and business, we each experience changes in needs, expectations, ...

 “Who seeks out a coach? Winners who want even more out of life.” – Chicago Tribune

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