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Public Speaking.

With over 20 years of experience, I will ensure you always get the best guidance. When you're looking for an inspirational or informative public speaker, Michele Thompson is the professional speaker of choice for keynote addresses, graduation ceremonies, dedication services, and more. Your growth is my growth!

Public Speaking.


Looking to hire a public speaker? Inspire your audience with a lecture, seminar, or keynote speech from me.  I am a Dallas area motivational speaker for hire.  What makes my events top notch? Let’s start with my moxie. I have overcome adversity, led and represented companies as CEO, and delivered success using my knack for innovation and unwavering determination to break through glass ceilings.

With my vast experiences and exceptional talent, I connect with audiences at numerous events. As a public speaker, I am in the business of wowing audiences. With my consultative, client-focused approach, I  not only look to fit within your budget but also fit your event’s goals, theme, and more.

As a Dallas area keynote and motivational speaker, I discuss topics such as financial responsibility, life balance, leadership, productivity and social media marketing. I will customize my presentation to meet the specific needs of your organization. My goal is to facilitate the result you want to create.

Do you want your participants to go with actionable items that they can use right away? My most frequently asked topics are the following. Note that I can introduce this as a keynote or workshop. Also, I have half a day and in some cases a full-day seminar version.

Life Plan: Few people have a plan for their lives. Most are passive spectators and watch their lives day after day. In this presentation, I explain how to move from reactive to proactive and develop a plan to reach those priorities that are most important.

Empowered You – Ability vs. Action:  Being able is one thing. That creates the potential for you, but it does not empower you. The empowerment comes from putting your ability into action.

Business Budgets 101: With so many entrepreneurs lacking in the Financial Intelligence arena on the personal finance side; understanding business finances ensures business success.  Being able to estimate the expenses and revenues expected accurately is important to any business entity as it is one of the ways to ensure the proper finances are available at any given time to enable the business to run smoothly. 

Overcoming procrastination: Deferring is one of the simplest destructive habits one can slip into. Everyone falls victim to him at some point, and that almost always leads to anxiety, fatigue, worry, stress and less than excellent results.

Business Success Roadmap: Do you have it every day in your business and ask yourself why you are not getting the results you want? Amazing things happen in a store when you realize where you are today, where you want to be tomorrow, and how you want to get there.

Marketing Strategies that Work: Need more suspects, prospects, and customers for your business? Do you feel that there has to be more to attract customers?

Financial Intelligence:  Get Your Finances in Order Once and For All.  It is so crucial to set your financial priorities in life to help secure your financial future. Too much stress could come from mishandled funds.   Many individuals have no idea precisely where or how they spend a good portion of their income.

Hire me as a speaker for your next event, and I will give you 110%. I will act as a catalyst and help you achieve the goals you set for your event. If you win, I win. It is as simple as that.

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All Services ( Business Coaching, Performance Coaching, and Financial Coaching) can be offered in several formats:

One on One Coaching


Is your business in neutral or worse, moving backward? If we define our goals and remain focused, we can achieve ...

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Imagine having your support team to test ideas, develop concepts, and help you to be responsible for yourself. Sometime during ...



What does the work for your company mean? For a business owner or manager, it means taking the time to ...

Leadership Development


Become an impactful leader and unlock your fullest potential. In life and business, we each experience changes in needs, expectations, ...

 “Who seeks out a coach? Winners who want even more out of life.” – Chicago Tribune

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