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Sales Training.

With over 20 years of experience, I will ensure you always get the best guidance. Critical organizational development support through a comprehensive array of consulting, diagnostics, training, coaching, and online automation solutions. Sales Skills Training is the single most important step in improving your ability to achieve success. Michele Thompson focuses on the selling skills that have the most impact on performance improvement. Improve sales skills and significantly increase sales and revenue. Your growth is my growth!

Sales Training.

Wish you were selling more?

As part of my Coaching services, I offer consultative and practitioner support to:

  • Sales professionals (individuals and teams)
  • Sales management and executive leadership to assist in their teams’ professional development.


Ideally, my services are provided in conjunction with training; however, I also offer stand-alone coaching based on your need.

This hands-on, experience-based coaching and training stem from my 20 plus years of successful sales, sales management, executive management and entrepreneurial experience. It teaches how sales professional thinks and the methods they use to succeed. It’s packed with insight that only the most well-informed and well-intended counselor can provide.


These sessions and workshops apply to all sales disciplines, and people ready to build or hone their professional sales skills. I am lending my experience and wisdom to you with the expectations that you will quickly come to fully appreciate:

  • What it will take to become a consummate sales professional
  • How and why one must prepare and execute to achieve premier success in the profession
  • What it’ll ultimately mean to the reader, his or her organization, and customers for him or her to become a consummate sales professional.


What you’ll learn through the training:

  • Why selling is innate to all human beings
  • What the sales profession demands and provides
  • How the sales professional prepares for success
  • How the sales professional successfully initiates, develops and completes sales
  • How the sales professional builds and retains successful relationships
  • How the sales professional organizes for success
  • Why the sales professional must ensure that everyone wins


Some of the tools provided for you are:

  • A Professional Sales Position Selection Process Questionnaire
  • A four-step Sales Research Process and a seven-step Sales Planning Process
  • The five elements that comprehensively makeup Probing Sales Methodology
  • A 16-question Post-Sales/Pre-Closing Meeting Questionnaire
  • A five-function Time Management System


Some of the explanations, examples, and illustrations you’ll discover are:

  • The development of performance ratios
  • The four types of approaches and three types of introductions used to initiate contact
  • The four types of statements and three types of questions used to obtain attention and focus
  • The six categories and four functions of probing questions
  • The three stages and five functional parts of sales meetings
  • The three stages and six functional parts of closing meetings

About My Sales Training Progams

Sales Vision: To become a widely recognized, highly respected, leading provider of learning and organizational development support services to sales and service organizations.

Sales Mission: To work with clients to elevate the level of professionalism, efficiency, and effectiveness in their sales and service operations.

Sales Goal: To become a sustaining resource for clients, helping them fully develop the potential of their sales, sales management, customer service and leadership personnel and their operational environments.

Sales Value Proposition: Using a holistic solutions approach, to help clients successfully align their sales and service initiatives and Business objectives. I model achievement and deliver results based on five core principles:

  1. I work with my clients to understand the problems in their sales and service operations.
  2. Regarding those matters I support, I identify and secure the necessary means, through in-house resources and partnered alliances, to provide you best-of-breed solutions.
  3. Regarding those matters I do not support, I make every effort to identify and refer you to other highly reputable and proven resources.
  4. I implement recommendations for clients by emphasizing the premiere delivery of my services to ensure beneficial impact, timeliness, cost-effectiveness, and measurable and sustainable results.
  5. I work with clients to monitor and measure results to demonstrate the impact of my work on their sales and service organizations.

My typical business client has the need, but typically not all necessary resources, to fully understand, effectively manage and efficiently grow their sales and service operations. I provide critical organizational development support through a comprehensive array of consulting, diagnostics, training, coaching, and online automation solutions.

Contact me today to discuss the support needs of your sales and service environments.


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