The 11 Universal Sales Truths

11 Universal Sales Truths.

Is there a single best way to sell a product or service? There are best practices, and there are some practical approaches. Whatever sales methodology you use, the following general sales truths will increase the effectiveness the sales process.

The 11 Universal Sales Truths

Here are the 11 best-selling truths we’ve seen in every sales environment, selling the products or services to anyone.

# 1

Those interested look for someone they believe has something important to tell them. This principle is about how a seller of prospects is viewed in relation to the knowledge and perspective that the seller puts on the market.

# 2

The secret of selling is to stand before qualified prospects when they are ready to buy, not when you need to make a sale. There is little doubt as to when and if the prospects will decide to buy something has much more to do with their schedule than a seller’s schedule.

# 3

While there are 11 other universal selling truths, this one is especially important: Listen to people buying instead of talking about selling.

# 4

For a prospective buyer, any price is too high until he or she understands the value of your product or service. To offer added value to an interested party, sellers must first understand what the prospect perceives as value.

# 5

The fatal flaw in selling occurs when sellers focus on what they want, lose sight of what the prospect intends to do. This is about focus, philosophy, and alignment, all of which must be customer-focused and not self-focused.

# 6

Always tailor your presentation to the needs and desires of those interested, not yours. What this requires is the ability to understand how a prospect wants to see and present your product or service.

# 7

The leap from a character (what you are) to reputation (what people think) is much smaller than most sellers would like to believe. A seller’s reputation in the marketplace is another thing that needs to be jealously guarded and used as a tool rather than a potential weapon that your competitors can use against them.

# 8

If you do not close sales, you are not a salesperson.

# 9

Your customer will never believe in the value of your product or service more than you. For sellers, it is crucial that they 100%, 1000% believe that the product or service they sell is exactly what they say and that it works the way it is.

# 10

The better job you do of finding qualified prospects, the higher your closing average will be. Salespeople who call on any prospect who will listen to them are missing the point. They need to find qualified opportunities with decision-makers who can buy what they have to sell…now.

# 11

Never make a claim that you can not substantiate with facts.

There you have her. The 11 universal sales truths. Learn and own them, and your customers will love you.