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Coaching does make a difference. Michele Thompson can help you build a career and life strategy starting today!

Whether you need assistance moving your career direction upward or improving your effectiveness as a leader, do what Dallas’ most successful professionals do and contact Michele…an author, entrepreneur, and business coach.

I’m elated you’ve decided to get your free consultation scheduled today! You will receive actionable strategies for success during your first phone call. For over 20 years I have helped new and existing businesses reach their goals. It is often said, but rarely accurate that one phone call can change your life. We’ll change that today.

Here is why Michele Thompson is considered the Preferred Business Coach and Business Strategist in the Dallas, TX area:

I help small business owners clarify their vision for their business, create a roadmap for success and navigate the obstacles that might pop up like ineffective marketing, weak sales and “head trash” that may be blocking their progress.

  • Improve organizational performance
  • Become an employer of choice by positioning the business
  • Enhance corporate change initiatives
  • Navigate more effectively in today’s complex organization
  • Retain top talent while increasing customer satisfaction

My 20+ years of working with companies to improve workplace cultures and increase bottom-line profits will ensure that together we are going to disrupt the status quo and drive business.

Congratulations! If you’re filling out this form, then you’re ready to see if this is the right solution for you and your organization. I’m here to serve, and so I ask that you come prepared for your appointment be ready to communicate candidly and with complete honesty. Please be in an environment where you will not be interrupted and bring your three most significant concerns for your company, team or leadership with you. I am honored to serve you, so please be punctual for our appointment.


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